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4 King Street South Waterloo, Ontario N2J 1N8 Canada
4 King Street South Waterloo Ontario N2J 1N8 CA

Welcome to Waterloo Medical Cosmetics!

If you live in Kitchener-Waterloo and have considered that it’s time to find a cosmetic clinic near you, welcome to WMC!

Our team of licensed, professional, and experienced cosmetic nurses are led by Dr. Warren Michalski, MD, and provide all the best and most sought-after services with a focus on injectables and fillers near you.

Under the leadership of Dr. Michalski, Waterloo Medical Cosmetics medspa is designed specifically to deliver exceptional natural-looking results for everyone, whether you’re looking for face filler injections near you or wrinkle injections near you. We seek to make you look like an improved version of yourself, specifically avoiding the plastic, overdone appearance.

Unlike other med spas, the Waterloo Medical Cosmetics team aims to deliver the most natural-looking results possible. Says Anndrea Marcoux, RPN/Cosmetic Nurse—who says she has always had a passion for aesthetics—“We want to give you a ‘fresh from vacation’ look. If your friends can’t tell why you look so good today, we’ve done our job well!”

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